Don’t move at AMBER!

When you hear the word AMBER when do you think?

Do you think of a color or a blonde bald celebrity…do you think of a month or a time of the year..for me whenever I hear the word amber I remember a phone call I received some year ago from a friend

Caller: “Hello, Seun I have just been involved in an accident”

Seun: “Wow what happened”

Caller: “I was approaching a traffic light that was showing amber color…I didn’t wait for it to be green before I moved and I was knocked down by an oncoming vehicle”…Please come over and help me out.

I couldn’t take my mind off this incidence and I could relate that many in life have made this error….moving at amber

What is Amber?

Amber is a time when impulses are highest.

Amber is that time where maturity is tested.

Amber is that time of latency the period before a change of state when the best thing to do is to wait before making any rash decision.

Many times we experience and respond to a dangerous stimulus without thinking.

Many and every one of us is at one time or the other in life passed through the amber state.

The fact is as long as life presents us with opportunities to move, make decisions on life, career, relationships, marriage we MUST be passed through the amber state.

What we do at these split seconds determines a lot.

I see many people who haven’t attained stability make decisions in an unstable period of life.

Making marriage or relationship decisions when the individual does even know his own self properly can prove costly.

People making financial decisions simply because they got hold of an opportunity and in a time of emotional instability and poorly informed time they jump and have a very terrible crash landing.

I see many people desiring leadership position or full-time ministry in a time that they are not ready or commissioned or deployed…their impulse rises and driven by emotions and the fantasy of leading people..break away from their stable state and many of such people have had a lose-lose situation. They can’t go forward and backward.

Some people think they are above the law or Amber-dexterous…they live in a dream world and believe they have immunity from the repacaution of reckless decisions and spasmodic emotional impulses; they jumped in a hurry but crash landed

Ambers only tell us that we will soon be ready BUT NOT YET.

There are many people who KNOW THEY WILL SOON BE READY but missed the “NOT YET” part. It usually results in accident….

​Whenever you FEEL THE RUSH always delay your reactions it pays to be PATIENT.​…wikiman

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