There is still time to become an expert…

We are in the era of skills, many people are taking personal responsibility to ensure they meet up the demands of a technologically advancing world.
Of a truth…Education is key to success not because of certificate but because true education equips you with competency and know-how to become a solution provider, an entrepreneur and intra-prenuer.
Recently I was interviewed by an author who was gathering facts for his new book and a lot of question he asked me…He asked me if there was something I wished I knew some years ago…and I recalled Mark Zuckerberg comment that the ‘Best way to predict the future is to invent it’. I told him that years ago we were rightly encouraged to get the best grades.. a piece of advice I still recommend today BUT we weren’t taught to get the best skills.
Skills is the future of the labor market because the world of tomorrow will be solution-driven.
People will need better ways of doing things, better ways of delivering services, better way of farming and food security, better way of entertainment and media, better way of video compression and cloud optimization, better way of politics and campaign, better way of delivering religious contents and books, better way of marketing and selling, better way of teaching and learning, better way of health and mental wellbeing …what I usually tell people is the more advanced technology goes the easier things becomes.
One psychological drag many have is they feel the world has moved in such a hurry and hence they can’t catch up..this is NOt true..

There is still time to be an expert….

All you need is to have a passion and a learning plan.
Give yourself 1 year to master an act.
There are more schools online now that has ever been,
The earlier the better,
We need to START TODAY and START somewhere.
The greatest regret will be for those who had the opportunity in 2020 to become an expert but conceded to the struggle and distraction of daily life.

There is still TIME!

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There is still time to become an expert…

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